Save money effortlessly

Nugget helps you to save money in a guided way by planning a budget for you to spend within each week.

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Smart & automated

It's easy to start using Nugget because everytime you sync, it automatically picks up your recurring transactions such as your salary and bills.

All accounted for

Nugget's budget recommendation accounts for your monthly fixed expenses, and sets aside the amount you want to save every month. With the important stuff out of the way, you can spend without worry.

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Your recovery plan

The hardest part about saving is not spending the money we have. That is why Nugget divides your budget into weeks, so you'll get an adjusted budget plan when you bust your budget.


Merchant-level insights

You'll know exactly where your money went with Nugget, because it alerts you when an above average spending amount and number of visits is detected on a merchant.


Automated Funds Tracking

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You can choose to give your fund a target date and amount, or just start a fund with a never-ending goal and use it when there's a need – like a splurge fund!

Track cash transactions

Add your cash transactions manually. Switch on ‘Set to recur monthly’ and Nugget will automatically track your transactions every month.

Your privacy matters

Like you, we want our personal data to be safe and protected by service providers we trust. We take protecting your data very seriously, and make it our priority.


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