Save for what you want. Effortlessly.

Reach your savings goals and live life to the fullest with the help of a simple weekly budget.

App Launching in Q1 2019

Save for what matters to you

The biggest dreams often start with the smallest steps. 

Nugget helps you track your progress with funds so you'll always reach your savings goals. 

Here are some goals to get you started

Rainy day fund

In times of need, you'll have peace of mind knowing you're prepared.


Travel fund

We all need a getaway. Why not put some money aside for it?


Splurge fund

With this, you'll never feel bad when indulging in your guilty pleasures.

Always know how much you can spend

Nugget's automated weekly budget shows you how much you can safely spend each week after accounting for your monthly commitments.

Get your weekly budget in 3 steps

Sync your bank account

Once the sync is done, Nugget will analyse the transactions in your bank accounts.

Check your monthly dues

Nugget picks up recurring bills, but you can edit them to ensure they're accurate.

View your weekly budget

All you have to do is spend within your weekly budget to stay on track. 

Understand your spending habits

Insights help you learn more about where and how you've been spending. 

That way, you'll know what to spend less on to reach your goals.

Launching in Q1 2019

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