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13 February 2019

Hey there!

If you’re reading this, then you’re probably aware of what Nugget is and what it does.

Or maybe you don’t. You might be wondering why we’re pushing out yet another a personal finance app into an ocean of other financial management apps.

How different can we be, after all? What makes Nugget… Nugget?


Personal finance management? Try personal hell.

Let’s not beat around the bush: tracking your finances isn’t easy.

Stuff you find on the market is still painfully manual, from logging in expenses to making sure you’ve set the right budget each month. How many Excel spreadsheets have you started and abandoned? How many innocent Post-It notes lost their lives in your eternal battle with budgeting?

Sometimes you just don’t have the time to be precise with your tracking. And being broke is a total nightmare. We know.


How many Excel spreadsheets have you started and abandoned?


Which is why we’re approaching personal finance in a way that makes things easy for our number-hating brains.

Enter Nugget, smart enough to help you keep track of your spending habits and adapt according to your short- and long-term goals. (Yep – we’re going to make that trip to New York happen. Really.)

With Nugget, we’re going to take your problems, solve them with automation, and make personal finance simple again.


Make personal finance simple again.


Alpha testing is on the horizon

At this point, the team behind Nugget is working hard to grease the wheels and get alpha testing started.

This means a lot of time will be spent internally testing Nugget in order to find pesky bugs, crush them, and deliver a stellar experience to you. So before we roll out the beta launch for the app, a lot of kinks will be smoothed over in this stage.


Alpha testing for Nugget will begin next week, so keep an eye out for exciting updates.

Nugget’s beta launch is expected to happen around the end of March. It won’t be long before you can get your hands on the app and try it out for yourself!


Can’t wait? We can’t either! Here’s how to reach us.

Already want Nugget locked and loaded in your phone? Just a few more weeks and that’ll become reality. We hope you’re expecting results, because we are too.


In the meantime, keep up with our progress and join our waitlist. You’ll be notified once we kick-start the beta launch. That’s a promise. If email isn’t your thing, you can reach us via social media by following Nugget’s Facebook page. Drop us a message over Messenger if you have questions or even suggestions – we’d love to hear from you!

Till next time,

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