Over 500 beta installs later

30 July 2019

After months of work and long hours at the office, we finally launched the Nugget Savings beta on 1st June! If you’ve signed up to our beta waitlist you’d have received your invitation by now, but if you haven’t heard from us yet, shoot us an email at contact@heynugget.com.


We’re very happy that over 500 of you decided to join our beta programme! Having a sizeable pool of testers allows us to get a much clearer overview of the bugs, feature requests and things you like. 


The team has been closely monitoring reports and feedback. Some of the common bugs that have been reported so far are

  • NaN error when setting up your budget (fixed!)
  • Music stops playing while syncing bank account (fixed!)
  • Seeing a blank page after signing in (fixed!)
  • Syncing bank account takes a long time (work in progress)


The NaN error that occurred for some of you (left) and the correct screen after the fix (right).


The sync for your bank accounts shouldn’t take as long as some of you might experience, and our team is working on reducing the time it takes. We share your frustration at a long wait time.


We’ve also got some interesting requests from our beta users, like:

  • Allow us to manually add (cash) transactions
  • Make the syncing screen more interesting 


Source: Giphy.com


At the moment, unfortunately, Nugget users can’t manually add cash transactions because Nugget is designed to make saving money effortless and requires minimal user input. Still, it’s a request we weren’t expecting, and has caught the attention of our product team.


We look through ALL your feedback and suggestions, so if you have a thought in mind, don’t think too much and just send it our way. You might just see your suggestion in one of our future updates!


If you haven’t downloaded Nugget Savings (beta) yet, and you’re wondering what’s all this fuss about, how about sign up for the beta download here and experience it for yourself?

Till next time,

Tim Tim

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