It will happen to you a few times in your life – a gadget that you rely on breaks down. 


You call customer support and you’re met with the classic, “have you tried turning it off and on again?” Days of trying to fix it and praying to your favourite deity later, you realise it’s time to buy a replacement.


Things get difficult when you haven’t set any money aside for emergencies like these. 


You’re probably reading this article because you already know it. Perhaps even the amount you need to save every month to stay prepared. But the problem we all face is to find the cash for it.


Sometimes, your bank statement is more reliable than your memory

Looking at your transactions can give you a good idea of the spending habits you've unknowingly formed.


For example, by looking through my monthly expenses, I realised that I’ve been buying a large latte every Friday morning even though there’s a perfectly fine Nespresso machine in my office. That’s about $32 a month spent on something I could have gotten for free.



Some days I'm #TeamCBTL and some days I'm #TeamSBUX

Source: Screenshot from Nugget Savings app


Don’t be afraid of your own cooking, everyone starts somewhere

When you look through the streets of Singapore you quickly realise that pandas are far from going extinct. Food delivery is the new normal, but the amount you spend on it can quickly add up. 


One of us on Team Nugget spends upwards of $150 on food delivery every month.

Cooking for yourself is healthier for your body and also for your bank account. There are many recipes that even the 9-to-6-er can prepare after a hard day of work.

A typical home-cooked pasta meal would include:

  • Pasta
  • Sauce
  • Minced meat
  • Bell pepper

That’ll cost about $9 in total. From my experience, the sauce and meat is good for 2 - 3 servings so if you add a little more pasta, that comes down to only $3 per portion.

If you spend $5 on eating lunch out on weekdays, that’s about $40 in savings if you work 20 days a month.

Of course, eating pasta every day is just crazy. Look for meals that can be ready in under 30 minutes.

Source: Screenshot from Redmart


Have your service provider pay for your other stuff

Sounds crazy right? But it’s possible. 

Instead of spending 15 minutes looking at memes in the toilet (on company time!) look at some ways to save money.

Your service provider could be offering rewards for customer loyalty or a promotion that is applicable to existing customers.

In my case, I came across a Singtel promotion that existing customers could qualify. Just by signing up for it, I instantly saved $60 on my Spotify subscription.

Thanks for the free music, Singtel.

Source: Screenshot from my messages


How much are we looking at?

Let’s start with the cost. Little things add up, and the above examples can help you save $82 a month:

  • Coffee - $32
  • Home-cooked lunch - $40
  • Spotify - $10

Not bad. 

But saving money is not just about the amount, it needs some form of effort. And unless you’re a super determined and disciplined person, you’re probably not going to start, or even give up halfway.

This is where Nugget comes in – it makes saving effortless.


You won’t have to crawl through bank transactions and make sense of the numbers

Nugget picks up your recurring transactions so you’ll know which service provider to look out for deals.

Nugget also alerts you when your spending exceeds the usual average, so you’ll know when to slow down
on Starbucks and drink the ones available in your office.

If you need a purpose to save for something, start a fund on Nugget; say, an emergency fund, or an in-case-my-phone-breaks fund (that’s an emergency, right?). You won’t even need to set an end goal date or amount. Just put it aside and watch it grow can also be… quite shiok.

One last thing...

Unfortunately, you’ll still need to put in the effort to cook your own meals. Our engineers tried, but Nugget just wouldn’t fry and serve itself to you.

Just start saving now and thank yourself later.