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Helping people save more, one week at a time

Team Nugget is diversified and driven. We bring like-minded people together who respect one another, while also encouraging one another to constantly better ourselves.

The Perks


Open-plan office

A cool technology and innovation business club.

Casual dress code

T-shirt and jeans. Woohoo!


Remote working

Remote working one day a week #productivity.


The basics

Paid leave, medical leave, health insurance.

Why work with us

Layer 1

You want to do work that matters

Being a small team, there are plenty of opportunities for you to make your mark.

Whether you’re solving product puzzles or helping to push Nugget out to the masses, your work will be valued and appreciated.

Layer 0

You love trying new things

We place great value in having a culture of learning at Nugget, and sometimes, you will have to pick up something new really quickly to do your job.

You don’t have to be perfect at something when you start, as long as you’re always willing to give it a shot.


You believe in open communication

Our team does its best to hear everyone out before making big decisions, and constructive criticism about work is always welcome.

Be direct! Beating around the bush is kind of a waste of time.


You care about people

We’ve all had hard times. The difference is, at Nugget, we don’t go through them alone. 

Whether you're stumped at work or facing a personal challenge, the team will figure out the best way to support you.

If you identified with any of the above, we'd really like to meet you.

Check out our openings below.

Nothing suitable right now?

Drop us your resume at and we’ll let you know if something comes up!

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