The following banks are currently available to sync on Nugget:

• American Express
• Bank of China (BETA)
• Citibank
• Standard Chartered Bank

DBS is still available for syncing till further notice.

It is recommended to sync bank accounts that you use actively, because it would affect the accuracy of Nugget's budget recommendation to you.


Some common accounts are your saving account, spending account, and credit cards.

There's no limit to the number of bank accounts you can sync on Nugget.

Every minute of the sync process is required to securely sync the data from your local bank, and to recalibrate your budget to ensure that you'll always have a budget plan to move forward.


Due to regulatory limitations set by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, users have to go through a 2-factor authentication (2FA) process each time.


However, rest assured that we’re working towards shortening this process by setting up direct links with the local banks to reduce the sync time.

Nugget goes through a highly encrypted process to connect with your bank securely. This necessary process involves verification between your bank and Nugget, which results in a longer wait time.

Nugget cannot access or move any money within your bank accounts.


It only analyses the financial data that is retrieved from your bank, and sets up virtual partitions so that you can visualise your savings and what’s needed for your monthly forecast easily.