We believe that a weekly budget provides more guidance than a monthly budget. 


Should you go off-track during the month, these weekly recalibrations gives you a new recovery plan, increasing the likelihood of you meeting your saving targets.

When you first sync your bank account, you will be asked to confirm your salary, fixed expenses, and how much you want to save each month.


The amount that’s left over is how much you can spend without dipping into your monthly commitments. Nugget breaks this amount down to give you a weekly budget.


Nugget does this by dividing your spending money by the number of days in a month, multiplied by the number of days in any given week.

If there is still a balance in your monthly spending money, Nugget takes the remaining amount and redistribute it across the remaining weeks, giving you an updated weekly budget.


In the event where the spending money is depleted, Nugget your revised weekly budget will be taken from the amount that was set aside to be saved at the start of the month.


If that is also used up, Nugget will dip into your True Savings™ to give you an updated weekly budget.

Nugget takes the weekly budget balance in the current week, and divide it by the remaining days in your budget week to give you your estimated daily amount.

By default, your budget period start date is set as the day you expect to receive your monthly salary.


You have the flexibility to change the budget period start date to your preferred date.

Your spending money is the amount left to spend from your salary, after accounting for your fixed expenses, and how much you want to save.

Fixed expenses are the payments that you need to make on a monthly basis.


Some examples are:

  • Bills
  • Insurance
  • Allowance to parents
  • Bank transfers for Regular Savings Plan


Everytime you sync your bank accounts, Nugget identifies possible fixed expenses so that you can simply choose from the list.


Where fixed expense are not identified by Nugget, you are able to categorise transactions as a new fixed expense.


Nugget will then categorise it as a fixed expense moving forward.