Nugget empowers you with a plan to start with, and a recovery plan, should things not work out. If you're able to stick within your monthly budget for the month, you'll definitely be on track to hitting your savings target.

No, Nugget is 100% free to use. We have plans to offer paid services for you to opt-into in the future, but the core app will always remain free.

Most financial apps provide insights, but still require the users to make sense of the data and plan their own budget from scratch to meet their goals.


We understand these difficulties, and want to take on a guided approach by helping our users automate this process.


Nugget gives a unique recommended budget based your existing financial habits and desired savings target. It also provides insights that allow our users to know exactly where to take action on.


In this way, Nugget seeks to empower our users by providing a guided plan that enables you to reach your goals.