This is the amount that you want to save for each budget period.

When you create a fund, Nugget helps you to stay on track to achieve it. All your funds are accounted for when Nugget plans your budget.

This is the total amount in your true savings that is committed to specific funds that you have created.

Your True Savings™ is the amount you have in the bank that isn’t required for this month’s budget period.

They include your savings that are both allocated and unallocated to funds.

It can be difficult to set a target date or amount sometimes, because some funds are never-ending (like your Splurge Fund!).


The flexible option allows Nugget to account for it in your budget plan, so you can freely check out the fund whenever you want.

The total amount of savings in your funds are under your True Savings™ (see Savings page in your Nugget app).


Note that your True Savings™ may also include savings that have not been allocated to a fund.