Nugget stores all credentials in encrypted form so your personal data is protected to the best of our ability. Rest assured that your personal data will never be shared without your consent.


Our servers and APIs are monitored in real-time and have automatic security patching. They also go through periodic audits and penetration tests, which are conducted by our partner, Horangi Cyber Security. They are equipped with the industry’s de-facto and best cyber security certifications (including CREST) to conduct comprehensive checks on our security measures.


All our codes are also reviewed to comply with secure and defensive coding practices.

Nugget partners with Salt Edge, an industry-leading financial technology company, to handle all the data we get from your bank.


The company provides bank level security and sophisticated encryption algorithms to ensure that user data is always protected.


Your data is retrieved in a read-only mode, which means that Nugget can only view your transactions. Nugget cannot edit your transactions in any way.